Shipping Times

Holiday Shipping Times

This Holiday Season (November 1st - December 31st), logistics companies and country customs are over-congested! This means that most shipments see a delay in comparison to our standard shipping times during the rest of the year. These holiday times and costs are reflected in our 'Shipping Options' shown at checkout.

Please note, while most orders (95%+) do arrive within the given arrival windows, we are unable to guarantee shipping times during the holiday season. There are many factors out of our control, including country customs and congested logistics companies, that experience sporadic delays during the holiday season. Please email in if your order hasn't arrived within the given window and we'll treat each situation on a case-by-case basis, and do whatever we can to make things right. We appreciate your understanding on this during the holiday season. 

Due to high demand with new product launch's, orders made November 1st - 5th may be subject to a slight production delay. You should receive an email to confirm your item is shipped.